Trade and Club Stand Bookings

Online bookings for this year are not yet open, so this is a special notice to anyone – trader or caving club – who wants a stand in the exhibition hall. You need to contact us as soon as possible.

Traders – if you have not yet been in touch with Les Williams, please email me as soon as possible using the address to make your booking. Prices and arrangements are as they were in 2019.

Caving Clubs – please email me as soon as possible using the address to make your booking. . We will be running the usual prize for Best Club Stand – see As before, a single table is free (but must be booked in advance). Additional tables will be £10 each and there will be a £5 charge for supplying power to your stand (computer equipment only, no kettles or toasters!). Please book a.s.a.p. - I will invoice you shortly and, to confirm your booking, you will then need to pay any fees due.

And just a quick note about arrangements – as you’ll all appreciate, we started organising this year’s event fairly late on; and we have a number of gaps in our team, so things may happen late, or slightly differently to how they were back in 2019. In particular, advance bookings are not yet open. Booking your admission ticket in advance is optional, of course, but it will save you queuing at the door. If you want to buy a Hidden Earth T-shirt, or you want a ticket for the Saturday evening dinner, those must be booked in advance, so please watch out for announcements as to when bookings become open.

Please note – club stands must be booked in advance, and there will be a closing date too. Space is limited and we need time to prepare the hall layout. The closing date is likely to be two weeks before the event, but it does depend a bit on when the opening date for bookings actually is. On which, more later.