Hidden Earth 2015 - some updates

  • Online booking for Hidden Earth 2015 will open soon.
  • This year, there is an online form for you to use to register your interest in giving a lecture or workshop at the event. Go to http://hidden-earth.org.uk/forms/lectures.
  • There are changes to the Photo and Video Salons this year. If you are entering, you must do so in advance and must upload all your media in advance too. There will be no entry on the day, and you will not be able to deposit your digital photos or videos on the day (although you should bring your prints with you, as usual). For further updates on the Photo and Video Salons, please follow the topic here:
Apologies for the continued delay. Bookings will open as soon as possible. In the meantime, dont forget to contact Wendy if you need a club stand. 

It seems likely that the Video and Photo salon entry forms might also be delayed a bit. If you want to enter the video salon please note the changes this year - see http://hidden-earth.org.uk/competitions/forms.html - and contact Footleg if you wish to enter. Its possible we wont bother with a formal entry form this year, and we'll ask you to upload to Dropbox or something like that.
cavingbiker said:
Better to take the website down than it not function properly.

The website functions fine, as far as Im aware. Its just that advance bookings are delayed this year.

Its now looking as though the form might be ready sometime tomorrow, Friday. Im working as hard as I can. Unfortunately, every hour I spend on the booking form is an hour's unpaid time away from work. If you think you can do better, by all means volunteer to do the job yourself.


David rest assured that there are lots of people out there who sit and wait quietly while the volunteers, who do a great job, do their stuff. Without the huge amount of goodwill from people like yourself there would be no Hidden Earth to gripe about......