Hidden Earth 2022



Press release from the organisers...

Despite ongoing efforts, the Hidden Earth team has been unable to find a suitable venue this year and, with regret, the event will be postponed for another year.

We realise that there will be much disappointment over this and people might be wondering if the event will ever return. It is our definite intention for there to be a Hidden Earth event in 2023 and we are hoping to be able to make an early announcement on that.

Our main problem has been that Hidden Earth requires a large and multifaceted venue. Since the Covid pandemic, it has been difficult to find such a venue; especially one that is willing to make a commitment well in advance and which is affordable. For 2023 we will address this by adjusting the format of the event to ensure that it can take place in one of the available venues.

We would like to be able to welcome some new members to the organising team. If you want to volunteer to help, or if you have some ideas that you would like to implement, please get in touch. As well as the obvious presence of the bar team, the reception team and the lecture theatres team, there are many behind-the-scenes jobs that take up a lot of time and effort, and the success of the event depends on filling these places with committed and reliable people. Please use the contact page of our web site to get in touch.

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Might be time to think about scaling down the event to core values.
Things like information sharing and expedition updates.
All singing and dancing AV presentations competitions and the like are all very well but to me they were always 'extras'.
This isn't to knock the ambitions or hard work of the organisers but something is better than nothing.

cap n chris

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CaveFest is happening, and I presume there's no reason whatsoever why any number of caver/caving events/conferences/film shows cannot take place this year. Just needs super motivated people to bring stuff into being.


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I'm not sure I'd bother going if all I was going to get was 'core values' – which one could, presumably, pick up from Descent or UK Caving.
The 'core values' I was referring to are related to the ability to meet people in person to share information and discuss topics.

Descent can share information and UKC can promote discussion (after a fashion) but neither is as good (to me) as meeting face to face.

But I guess it's academic.
If they can't find a venue you're not attending anyway...


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The venue needs at least two large halls (which I believe is one of the problems), one for large audiences -eg for expedition updates, and the other for the equipment stalls - arguably another core function. The suggestion to get rid of competitions etc doesn't actually solve the problem of having two large spaces.

I'd guess that camping and running our own bar are another problem (both individually and in conjunction). How would people feel about HE with no camping or with either no bar or a more expensive commercial bar?


A commercial bar will mean a slight increase in fees since the bar makes a small profit for the event.
Beer prices would also be higher.

Neither reason is a show stopper but it will affect the numbers who attend.

Taking away the camping would affect the evening socialising. People would tend to leave earlier to get back to their accommodation.

Again not a show stopper but will affect the popularity of the event.


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There's some good points made....


Is it better to scale down the event, or not have the event at all?
Which seems to be the choice made here.


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Camping doesn't have to be on site. Potentially could even have shuttle buses running to somewhere further afield.

Commercial bar is fine for me, providing a) they don't run out of beer b) that beer is good


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Camping doesn't have to be on site. Potentially could even have shuttle buses running to somewhere further afield.

Commercial bar is fine for me, providing a) they don't run out of beer b) that beer is good
Shuttle buses cost and campers should pay

As for Beer that is the jury is out on that one as tatstes varies so much - the impotant one is don't out!

Traders and exhibitors don't need to be in one big hall but could be in several rooms . The speleo Olympics does need a suitable space but maybe that can be dropped