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Hidden Earth site plan and arrival information


Sorry, this accidently got missed from UK Caving. Here is a site plan for the weekend:


Further info can be found on the tickets page:

Keep checking on back at the website because information may change.

Note that the parking around the trade hall is only for traders with drop off by the front door of the hall.
  • All delegates MUST go to reception FIRST to get camping tickets and any special instructions (do not just turn up at the camp site).
  • Camping tickets MUST be displayed and we will be checking them.
  • Camping WILL NOT be open to delegates until the site team have completed setting up the site.
  • Everybody must be OFF the camp site as soon as possible after the closing ceremony as the site team have to clear site and lock up before they can go home (so no leaving tents and coming back after a meal or similar as has happened in the past).
Friday evening:
👉 Registration is open 20:00 to 22:30.
👉 Trade hall setup is available from 19:00 to 23:00.
👉 Bar open at 20:00

Lecture timetable:

This is a live timetable designed to view on your phone throughout the weekend. It will also be shown on screens around the site as well as the good old fashioned printed copies!


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Friday evening:
👉 Registration is open 20:00 to 22:30.
Reply from Les on FB: "The bar will be open until at least 11.30 so we will all still be on site for late arrivals. Anyone arriving after we close can go to the camp site but must go to Registration in the morning to get their tickets."


Sorry I wasn't clear, I meant for arriving in the afternoon, not late arrivals.
Thanks for your prompt reply above.


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It's a school, I'm afraid there is no early access.

In other news - Within easy walking distance there is a Premier convenience store just to the north of the site (with a cash machine in adjacent Corner Cafe, plus Indian restaurant bit further up) and another cash machine in Albion Inn (at roundabout by camping vans)


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All campers inc. vans must go to reception in the senior school (or the bar for late arrivals, unless that is also shut) before setting up in the junior school.

Catering is available all day, as in previous years, in the reception / main bar building


It's unfortunate that lecture hall 2 is designated 3 on the map key and lecture hall 3 is designated 4 on the map key. I would've made the numbers match up for quick and easy comprehension. But that's a minor gripe from me. I'm looking forward to coming along on Sunday!


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Apparently it wasn't the most important of considerations, "However, there will be signage around the site to help the confused..."