Hidden Earth Thanks


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A huge thank you to the whole Hidden Earth team, and Les in particular - a fabulous weekend that ran like absolute clockwork but which I am sure only did so thanks to a huge amount of work.


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I agree with Damian, well done to all for their hard work.

...and Chunks, thanks for posting - all newbies so welcome!


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It was really good to have food available on Friday night. Not just nice to have good food when you needed it, also nice because people stayed on site to chat rather than wandering off to find fish and chips.

cap n chris

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Best Hidden Earth for many years! Huge thanks to the HE Teamworkers for making the events so slick and enjoyable. What a massive amount of work. They all deserve medals! :)


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My first (of many I hope) Hidden Earth  :beer:, had a mega time and good to put a few faces to names.

Shame about the arson attack but heart warming to witness the generosity of everyone who donated a few quid


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Many thanks to those who made contributions to the ISIHAC script. To my amazement somebody in the audience also correctly guessed a cave location (they heard the sea behind the Fraggle Rock drag trays). Unbelievable. Thanks also to all those who contributed to the Mendip and Devon round ups without which they would have been pale shadows. Great weekend - the cafeteria staff were the nicest most obliging and hard working I can ever remember.