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How many caves are there in Devonshire?

Peter Burgess

New member
Les W said:
mrodoc said:
Since then we have found new open cave. Cookie will remember being stuffed into it I expect!

Since then we have been back again and "surveyed" it (about 6 body lengths long)  We were going to write it up as a major Devon discovery but couldn't be bothered ;)

Well? Looks like you just have written it up, on this forum!  :LOL:

Les W

Active member
cap 'n chris said:
Should it be P-bolted, photographed and have a conservation tape pathway installed?  :coffee:
If you fit a "P" bolt anywhere then the cave will be too tight to get past it.  :eek:
You can only photograph it with a very short lens  :-\
A conservation tape pathway will need to be the entire width of the passage plus a bit, if you are to traverse it without touching the walls (and roof (all at the same time))  :eek:

So on reflection, probably not  ;)

Les W

Active member
Peter Burgess said:
Did you forget to mention the gate, lock, and access agreement, with limited company required to administer it?

You'd need to know where it is first, I haven't published the location - secret dig perhaps?  ;)

Peter Burgess

New member
I expect its a bit of Mendip secretly moved to Devon, so it can be part of the CCCltd responsibility - they'll be in Derbyshire next, and before you can say Any Other Business, they'll be controlling the Dales.  ;)