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Hey all, guess what, it's me ;):):clap:

Since it was introduced in 2016 this position has remained unfilled. The idea is to have someone on the CNCC committee to represent those who cave independent of the club structure. This is a significant number of cavers. I've no idea how many but 20% of those downloading CNCC topos choose to state they are not members of BCA, and I know that, out of my close digging friends several are not members of a club.

The CNCC voted at Saturday's AGM to make a few changes to the requirement for this role and how it was voted upon. I was, therefore, happy to stand and got voted in. It is not my first role at CNCC, having previously been access officer and rep to BCA. I've been dormant for a few years so thought it was time to help out again.

There is no hidden agenda to this position, it merely supports the direction of travel CNCC embarked upon several years ago, to be more inclusive and truely representative of all cavers in the north. Also typified by the name change at this AGM.

I see my role on the committee of being generally supportive and making sure the needs of the individual/independent caver are, at least, considered. Anyone is welcome to contact me, either through PM on here or via CNCC. I expect in time there will be a communication route established via the website.

I'm sure Matt, in his formal role as CNCC PR officer, will be soon be ready with a briefing on all the other happenings at the AGM which was very well attended and good natured.

Tim Allen


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Welcome back on-board Tim!

It is great to have you back in the CNCC team, this time on our Committee. Everyone will no doubt remember the extremely positive contribution you made to access across our region during your former tenure as Access Officer, and the various other excellent contributions you (and Jane) have made to promoting and supporting caving across northern England.

Therefore, welcome to the CNCC Committee in your new role, representing those who cave outside of a club structure.

Welcome also to our two new full members clubs (Birmingham and Ulster), our new Committee club (Ulster) and also our new Access Officer, who join the team alongside our returning Committee members and Officers.

It was a very positive meeting and we are chuffed with the strong attendance. A full report will be posted later this week, and we will get on with updating our website with all the new contacts and information.

Ohhh... and we are now the Council for the Northern Caving Community.

Not quite the dramatic name change that our friends down in Wales have just announced, but a reflection of the more encompassing direction we have been heading over the last several years. Of course, this retains the CNCC initials, so our rebranding will be more discrete, even though the outward message of who we aspire to represent is now different.


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Thanks for the update - very much appreciated.
Of the two options on the table, I think the better choice for the new Council's name was made.

Please can you tell us who is the new Access Officer? It would be useful to know ahead of the full AGM report being prepared (in connection with a current access issue, which I'm trying to help with on the sidelines).