• Overground/underground - a caving archaeology project in the Yorkshire Dales

    1st June 2-4pm at Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes.

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Join us for 1 week Yorkshire followed by 1 week in S.Wales




Our University Caving Club has planned to go on a caving holiday to Yorkshire from 18th June til 25th June staying at Brackenbottom followed by one week of staying at the SWCC from 25th June til 3rd July.

I was wondering if anyone is looking for a holiday, then you would be very welcome to come stay with us. We will be happy to pick people up on the way, ie. M2, M25, M1 route.

In general we will be doing basic SRT for the first few days and then move on to some more "interesting" SRT :LOL:

If interested, let me know!