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Joint Black Sheep and ULSA and CDG digging


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Two teams have pushed different leads in Goyden pot on October 1st.

One team of CDG divers and Black Sheep diggers went into Goyden 3 and dug the main stream passage to lower sump 2. When they left it had been lowered by 15cm/6" and might go down further. This means there is now airspace all the way along into what was airbell one and two. Note it does not make the rest a free dive as it goes quite deep under and arch and can contain debris such as tree branches. They also checked out that the rope into the roof is still ok for a future search for choked passages heading south.

Another team of Black Sheep diggers and ULSA members dug out Carter passage from Crater chamber beyond Telegraph aven. Carter passage is now 27m long easy crawling with a view of another 5m of low muddy passage. There was an outward draft and the survey shows it to be running parallel with Beet Route passage down valley.

A good days work and enjoyable time was had by all.


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