Kingsdale conservation efforts


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We're encouraged to hear that over the past few weeks, volunteers in northern regions have been using their time as part of small teams to perform a few bits and pieces of conservation work at the northernmost end of Kingsdale.

Yordas Wood:

Brown Hill Pot:

Many thanks to those involved  :clap:

If anyone else is performing any conservation work in northern regions, we strongly encourage you to share this here on UKCaving - either yourselves, or send your story to CNCC and we'll circulate on your behalf. These kinds of reports really help show off cavers conserving caves and the countryside (which has many benefits).

Remember, the CNCC are here to support cave conservation. If there is a project for which you need some advice or assistance (be it access, manpower, equipment, health and safety, funding or otherwise) then please contact our conservation officer; contact details on our website.