Lad - A Yorkshire Story


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If you've not seen this already it is a great (full length) film.  If you are familiar with the Dales you'll recognise many of the locations, if you're not you'll still enjoy the film I reckon.

Free on Youtube, best watched on a bigger TV screen.


Don Hartley also made it available on iTunes, Google and Amazon video after failing to get any of the mainstream distributers interested (which to me suggests they didn't even have the courtesy to watch any of it). I saw it several years ago at a small screening in Cumbria - loved it. Didn't hear of it again for a long time but now it seems to pop up in conversation occasionally so is gaining some mass.

It's a great film and you can feel the emotion of the writers and those involved in making it happen.

I rarely watch a whole film (I get bored quickly watching....never had an idiot box so never got used to sitting on a sofa watching one?)...this one is an exception.

Easy to watch, good story, real characters and scenery can't be faulted.


This film is currently available on My5. My first time watching it last night & its stunning. Beautiful simple story, with the Dales landscape taking centre stage.
Some places will be familiar to cavers including Foredale above Helwith Bridge, Settle, Malham to name just a few.
Highly recommended!


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Well what a corking little film that was. Been absolutely bawling my eyes out this evening watching it.

100% recommend people watch it both for the story but also for a game of ‘oooh where’s that’


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Hi, I'm the director of Lad: A Yorkshire Story. Very flattered to see it appear in the UK Caving thread and thank you for the kind words. I'm now at work on my new film which is a feature documentary about the Mossdale Caving Disaster, which I intend to tell alongside the history of caving in the UK and potential future discoveries. I'm currently looking to meet people who have a connection to Mossdale - either the original 67 incident or subsequently exploration thereof so please dan get in touch via if you feel you might be able to contribute to the film, or have access to any archive materials.. Also I'd be interested to know thoughts on the best camera equipment for use in caves. Thanks, Dan