Lamb Leer - Palmer's Chamber


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Right from being a very young caver, when I was kindly shown around Lamb Leer by Alison Moody, Black Wal and others, I've been aware of a geophysical study by a Professor Palmer, which had identified the existence of a large unknown void. I was wondeing if anyone could answer a few questions for me:

1. What year(s) was this done?

2. What was Palmer's full name?

3. What technique was used?



aricooperdavis said:
The abstract of this article gives some good detail, I'm sure you could request the full document from the authors?

It isn't clear from the link, but the excellent article by Butcher, Murphy, Beaney & Clark is in Cave and Karst Science Vol 33. No. 3

From the article:
1. Palmer's work was done in 1938 and 1957.
2. Lionel Stanley Palmer.
3. Resistivity


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Brilliant - many thanks - and especially to the person who also emailed me directly. That sorts out all I needed to know.

Yet another classic example of the real value of this forum!  :clap:


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Um - the abstract in that C&KS 33 (3) article has "Leo" Palmer, rather than "Lionel".

Can anyone shed any light on this apparent discrepancy?


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Aha; thanks ACD. That definitely sorts it.

I know that generations of Mendip cavers have been fascinated by the prospect of an unknown chamber close to the known extent of Lamb Leer. Just for completeness, I thought it was worth flagging up that the very useful paper in C&KS 33 (3) sheds considerable doubt on the chamber's existence.

Anyway, thanks to all who have helped above (and by direct email).  (y)


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It made several local papers at the time:

See also Tony blick's attempts in 1980s (issue 221, pages 64-65):

tony from suffolk

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I've not so fond memories of lying in a small muddy tunnel in St Valentine's Series, buying a telephone cable into the mud for the MNRC'S communication to their dig. There was a problem with CO2, as I discovered when my carbide lamp gave up the ghost. There was hope that the dig would reach Palmer's Chamber, but IIRC the passage eventually veered away from its proposed location & the dig abandoned.