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Lava Tube Webinar 20th August

Ed W

Subterranea Britannica: webinar - In The Dark: 20 Years Under the Volcanoes - A Brief Introduction to Lava Tube Caves

Dear Ed,

SubBrit is pleased to announce the eight - In The Dark Webcast

Starring - Ed Waters

Title - In The Dark: 20 Years Under the Volcanoes - A Brief Introduction to Lava Tube Caves

Date - 20 August 2020

Time - 1830

Registration https://www.bigmarker.com/subbrit/in-the-dark-20-years-under-the-volcanoes-a-brief-introduction-to-lava-tube-caves

About This Webinar

Sub Brit and International Union of Speleology?s commission on Volcanic Caves member Ed Waters has spent a good deal of the last 20 years exploring lava tube caves under volcanoes all over the world. Over this time Ed has visited many of the world?s most important Lava Tube Caves and been fortunate enough to discover and map many that were previously unexplored. Covering caves in Iceland, The Canary Islands, Mexico, Korea, Sicily and Hawaii Ed will describe how these fascinating caves are formed, some of the features to be seen in these caves, and because this is for Subterranea Britannica some examples of how lava tube caves have been used by people. The climax of the presentation will describe how Vulcanospeleogy (the study of volcanic caves) is on the verge of new horizons that are literally out of this world.


What are lava tubes?
Typical features of lava tube caves.
The world?s longest lava tubes.
Examples of human use of lava tubes.
Extraterrestrial lava tube caves.