Lava giveth and the lava taketh away


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One of today's post caving bar discussions was La Palma.
For those of us also interested in vulcanspeleology, we could be witnessing the creation of the new lava tube.
Conversely, the flow is very near Cueva Todoque ( Cueva de las Paloma's), and so where some new caves may be created we hope some arnt taken away.

The conversation then took a dark turn.

Imagine, this isn't a flood where the water drains and your house is still there, or a fire where a shell can be rebuilt or an earthquake where the rubble been be bulldozed
This is total destruction of your home and land under meters of solid rock.

How do you ever reclaim that.

We guess the land is still yours but now it is sterile.

Just rock.
Will people start from scratch on a new surface using machines to lay new services, electricity etc or is it a insurance right off, move elsewhere.
Does insurance pay out?
Who then owns the land.

The new delta land created out at sea was also
a discussion point.

Is it government owned?
What about the land it passed through to get to the sea, do those people own it or control rights of way.

It may seem silly bar talk but it just got us thinking.
A friend has just returned from the island, he caught the ferry as this is the most reliable firm of transport to and from the island.

The hot zone is very protected.
You cannot get within 2.5 km of the volcano, the guardian civil police etc are everywhere.
Most tourism activities are closed although tourism is still open.
To enter the hot zone you need to apply for a permit on scientific grounds. 

Volcanoes - fascinating, destructive and creative all in one explosive package.



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It has to be hoped that it stays under 'relatively' calm conditions, as that would cause concern far beyond the local area. Watch out Florida, basically: