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Left kit in Pandora


We (Bangor Student Caving Club/BSCC) had a trip to Pandora this afternoon. The trip good, but a bit of a shit show. Consequently we've got some gear left in there and we're hoping to go and retrieve it in the next couple of days so if you're down there please could you leave it where it is! Or return it to us if you do take it out :)

On the second pitch we got our rope stuck. As we'd only bought one rope we choose to cut the rope that we could get at and rig the last pitch not as a y-hang (obviously no longer having enough rope to pull). So we've got rope on the second and third pitch with a couple of krabs on the 3rd pitch as well.

If the picture loads... we tried to make a freeze frame reenacting our rope cutting to get over the annoyance. 



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You might want to make the name of the mine a bit more cryptic as officious types might prick their ears up if it comes across their metaphorical radar.


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The Americans have the expression "bin biner" if you have an antique krab or one you found on some hillside you can use that to make sure the pull through pulls, I have a few "Clog" ones for that, since they shut the factory late 1980s goodness knows how old they are, but for an abseil plenty strong enough.

Maybe some kindly person will be in the area and recover your abandoned kit.

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