Left rope on Garlands pitch, Giants on Sat 8th dec

Paul Dyson

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rope details, was a 20mtr 9mm Dia, left due to cave flooding, went back on monday to retrieve it and someone had already removed it. if found contact me and could arrange to collect.



:eek: - thats bang out of order, How did they know you weren't still in the cave, or maybe on your way out from Oxlow. Man - it pisses me off to think that fellow cavers are willing to nick other cavers gear.

Low man, fucking low.

Hope you get it back but seems unlikely.


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worse than that, i once had a rope stolen from the entrance to Odin Min.
i'd tied it off at the bottom and only rigged it off the single P Hanger that is inside the cave.
So someone had gone in, seen it there, gone down it to untie it, then waltzed off with it.


Hi Paul, i believe we passed you as you were leaving and we were going down for a look (we got down to the ladder and thought that'd do). We derigged your rope on the way out of garlands and put it up to the left as you'd asked. Hope it gets returned!



Paul Dyson

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Cheers Sam.
I've just spoke to my mate Andrew who you met that day in Giants, he said thanks for putting the rope as asked, but sadly it appears that somebody else as taken it, when he went back to retrieve it :cry:
thanks again shame that we are all not good honest citizens.
Paul Dyson