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LIDAR data for Wales

LIDAR data is now available for download and also (pre)viewing. The availability of preprocessed (shaded and height coloured) images is a considerable improvement on the presentation of the equivalent data in England, so well done to NRW and the Welsh Government.

About 70% of the country is covered at 2m resolution (much less at 25cm), with probably a similar coverage of karst regions. Much of the Black Mountain is not covered,  but the Dan-yr-Ogof catchment is; most of Llangatwg-Llangynidr is (the latter at 50cm resolution, as is Sychryd); there is an unfortunate bit of a gap round Little Neath...

Both DSM (Digital Surface Model, includes vegetation and buildings) and DTM (Digital Terrain Model, processed to remove vegetation and buildings) datasets are available as .jpg images and as .asc data for processing in a GIS.

The url to go to is:
Click on either Preview tab or Download button to get started on checking out shakeholes, etc...


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Yes, that's pretty good actually. Pity you can't change transparency of layers on the preview windows.

Although having said that, the preview is using Openlayers, so it would be reasonably straightforward to customise.