Limbo pitch in The Cupcake

We went for a look down the first few pitches of The Cupcake last night, but failed to find the way on from the base of Mud pitch. Can anyone who knows this part of the cave well explain where we should have gone? We couldn't spot any in-situ ropes or bolts on the chamber walls. At the far end there is a narrow possible climb up some flowstone, but it didn't look like anyone had muddied it by climbing, so we didn't try!

Pie Muncher

You were looking at the way on up the rift. Once the first person is up there are bolts to hang a rope for the others to SRT up.


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Yes just climb the calcite rift, that looks too tight, follow the calcite up, when it levels off carry on up through the slot above, don't go straight ahead. Surprised it did not look muddy as I think that's the route everyone uses.

The rift climb is not that tight or hard, never bothered rigging the pitch once up there as there is no need really, I mean if you think the rift climb it is hard, you won't like the rest of the cave beyond the 20m down pitch. Lots of squeezes and much more awkward (though shorter) rift climbs + lots more mud. The full trip is definitely NFTFH especially if you are brining the ropes to rig the drops into Notts 2.