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Poachers Flooded Above the Rock Bridge


So I went to Poachers & OHA yesterday (with low expectations of much caving).

While I was expecting very high water I thought it might be worth reporting my findings in case it’s helpful to anyone. Attached below is the recent water levels at Rhydymywn.

So the river was flowing and lapping about 20cm below the OHA lid (which had fallen down the shaft so I did a quick rescue mission with a lookout). While I was down there as expected I could hear a roaring streamway which I didn’t dare go have a look at.

In Poachers through I was very surprised to find that it sumped all the way up to 1m below the base of the ladder pitch (basically the top of the small climb where the toy rat used to live). The surface water we could see was flowing with considerable speed too.

From what I could see (above & below ground) we were there at the peak of the flooding, but with the downstream Rhydymywn level being at 1.5m when we were there and 2 days earlier it had been 1.8m so it must have been briefly a bit higher.

Anyway it was news to me that Poachers flooded above the Rock Bridge anymore so if anyone has any insight on this I’d love to hear it


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