LOST: Karabiner and sling in Swinsto


TLDR: One carabiner with "glow in the dark ghosts" duct tape on it and one red/white sling attached to said carabiner were left behind attached to the pull through bolts half way down the big split pitch in Swinsto. I would be grateful for a return. I am mostly at the NPC but will pick up wherever.


We had a crack pull through team, running efficiently and well half way into the completely smooth and flawless trip. Cecilia rigged the top half of the big pitch and I descended with the ropes to rig the bottom half. I tied off the rope round the corner on the pull through bolts and clipped an extra sling and carabiner to it for cowstail clipping convenience. I zipped down and waited at the bottom.

Cecilia joined me, and then Jack came down with the derigged first rope. Finally Dave was left at the ledge to derig the second rope.

"Is this in-situ tat?" he calls down. Is my very clean red and white sling, and glow-in-the-dark-ghosts labelled carabiner in-situ tat? "HAHA" I replied "Yeh, yeh it's in situ!". What a joker that Dave is, I thought.

With the first bag down though Cecilia and I continued to rig the next pitch. Some time later we rejoined and I asked Dave for my sling and krab. "You said it was in-situ".  o_O

There's probably a lesson in here about communication or something.