Lost : Red Typhoon Mask - Dan Yr Ogof


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I have lost my favourate mask in the sump pool by the railings in Dan Yr Ogof (Just as you leave the show cave and walk down the steps and along the concreate bridge).

It's only in about 2ft of water but due to zero vis I was unable to find it, chances are it's going to get spat out the resurgence to be never seen again, but if someone does spot it and manages to retrieve it I would like it back.

Obviously a small reward would be exchanged for it's return.




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I am going to follow you around Stu collecting up all your lost caving kit, and I will sell it back to you for a bargain price!

Peter Burgess

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Is this the diver's equivalent of a lady 'accidentally' dropping her handkerchief, so the gallant 'gentleman' will pick it up for her?

hell little caver

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masked was rescued by mr hobit still ann if u find our case with a flash gun and tipod in we'd love to buy it back from u and find out where it's been hiding?