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MathCad or Prime program

Bob Mehew

Well-known member
I had been using the MathCad 15 program to process data obtained from rope testing work. The computer died on me so I no longer have access and purchasing a new copy is now extortionate. So I wonder if anyone has got MathCad 15 or later versions (or indeed their new version Prime) who could get me a print out of the program by saving it to a pdf or html version? I would like to convert a handful of files to check on the value of a constant I used in the program but did not print out - a classic oversight which has come back to taunt me :rolleyes:. Please PM me if you can help.


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I understand you can read MathCAD files (as xml) in any text editor. That will probably allow you to see the value of the constant. I think it's also possible to import MatchCAD files into SMath, which is open source and runs on Windows or Linux.

Bob Mehew

Well-known member
Thanks for the reminder about using a text editor. I finally got one to work it's find facility. (Otherwise it was like looking for a needle in a haystack or rather one part of a line in 15,000 lines of code.) As I understand is SMath only takes up to MathCad 7 material. I am now (slowly) developing a replacement in Python.