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MCRA - Mendip Cave Surveys Online


New member
A selection of Mendip cave survey scans is now freely available from the Mendip Cave Registry and Archive website at the following address.


These surveys were previously available through the Mendip Cave Survey Scheme, which has now been wound up since the surveys were rarely requested and many are now rather out of date.

You will notice some of the survey links are missing - currently the MCRA is still awaiting permission from some authors/clubs, including SMCC, MNRC and BEC, to make the remaining surveys from the scheme available online. Hopefully this will be forthcoming soon, and I'll post an update when additional files are uploaded.


Matt Voysey,


New member
Just a quick update to say that the remainder of the surveys are now available on the MCRA website. Big thanks to all the clubs and individuals who gave their permission to put them online.