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Mendip re-opens following new BCRA Insurance scheme




Mendip has re-opened as there is now a new BCRA Insurance scheme in place. Just got this via the WSG's mailing list:

Hi All

You will be pleased to learn that a national insurance scheme is now in
place, the relevant access bodies have regained their cover & the caves are now open again. The Charterhouse caves (G.B., Longwood, Charterhouse & Rhino Rift) are open, the CSCC-key caves, Singing River Mine, Cuckoo Cleeves, Compton Martin Ochre Mine - though this closes in January anyway, Priddy Green Sink, etc. are all open again. I believe that the Fairy Quarry Caves & St. Cuthberts have also opened but have not had "official" confirmation of these last two.

There are still "issues" over the use of explosives & over cave diving, but
they won't affect the majority of you, anyway.