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Menstruating + Caving


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In preparation for a talk at CHECC & the next Speleo Sisters weekend on 'Crampy Caving: managing caving whilst menstruating' I've created a couple of short questionnaires. I'd be super grateful if as many people as possible could fill these out - they don't take very long, and there is one for both cavers that menstruate (or have done so in the past), and those that don't. Have had a lot of interesting and insightful responses already.
In addition to the talks I have lotssss of other plans in the pipeline to improve education & support for menstruating cavers so it'd be v helpful if you could spare a couple minutes of your time.
Menstruating cavers questionnaire: https://forms.gle/RYkLjDbpjxYfLtBg9
Non-menstruating cavers questionnaire: https://forms.gle/sAkz1jRDEFc6upXf9
Thank you!


Done and thank you for giving this some thought. It's a massive pain being on my period while caving. I don't have any useful answers but glad to know someone is thinking about it!

Ian P

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This seems like an informative article from our Hill Walking cousins. Admittedly I am no expert.
Good luck with your talk.



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That's a great article thank you! And thanks to everyone who has responded to the survey. Had over 300 responses now, which highlight some really important stuff and include some great ideas. I'll collate the responses into a summary and share when I'm done :)


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I saw in the news today Wimbledon has just decided to let women wear dark coloured shorts under their very white white clothing, and I thought at least that is a problem menstruating cavers don't face!
With the layers, materials, mud the chances of visible bleeding through your clothing has got to be pretty small.......
Although, more seriously, I have had to skip the pub after caving in the past - I rarely take dry pants for after caving, and mostly just take the wet caving pants off, stick some trousers on and go to the pub.
But have definitely realised too late I can't go to the pub without risking bleeding on their seats, having not brought enough dry clothes.....