Mulu article in National Geographic

David Rose

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National Geographic has published an article about Mulu.

It would be invidious of me to comment on its contents here, since I was on the expedition (2017) and told shortly before I departed for Borneo that I was going to write the words to accompany the (excellent) photos by Carsten Peter, but then informed they had decided to send a staff writer who was not a caver. Others will form a view.


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The author was very interested in Andy's tights...

Not a bad read, I always find it a shame with things like this that it is impossible to perceive how a non-caver would react to it.
I wondered if Elon Musk's new AI fake text generator had been let loose, but concluded that would have been less inconsistent with usage (cavers in text, but a spelunker make an unwelcome appearance in a caption) and cultural references (Wembley Stadium versus Abraham Lincoln and the Statue of Liberty), and would at least have got its facts right (the first Mulu expedition was in 1978, not 1979, Not to mention how many cavers were there, whether caving was a 'relatively young' sport then, and whether Malaysia (or more to the point Sarawak) was then 'recently' independent). etc.
Nice pictures though.