Mushrooms Growing at REU (Daren Cilau)


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Hi all,

Looking for some information/ identification of some mushrooms found growing at the Restaurant

During a camp at Hard Rock this weekend it we decided to visit REU, when we got there we found a couple of mushrooms growing and the remains of numerous more. I was wondering if anyone could identify them and work out how long they had been growing there.
By the black marks/rotting mushrooms i would guess there has been several generations.
interestingly we found some more at the end of Painkiller with a rather sophisticated root system (some a few meters long).

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Any Ideas?


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Spores have obviously been carried in from the surface and there is enough organic material to feed the mycelium.  If they were Psilocybe it would improve the Hard Rock parties. ;)


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There are some members of that particular fungal family that favour rotting wood, so could potentially grow underground... :alien:


We found some mushrooms like this in the brackla tunnels too! There were also some black ones s different shape but the pics are on another device


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They look kinda similar to dung roundheads but impossible to be tell without more info. A photo of the gills is very useful. If you are able to take one out in one piece you can do a spore print which also helps to narrow it down. The dark marks underneath are likely the spores and this tallies with roundhead mushrooms (dark purple).


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With the narrow stem and that shape top ,  I second spore printing is really the only way to get a true identification it?s very easy sheet of paper a pint glass and time .


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I see a shovel in one picture. So the real question is whether you broke through into Agen Allwedd?



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The last* camp at REU was March 2019, but I know there's been the odd trip there since.

The last* time anyone dug at Painkiller was Oct 2015. Haven't heard of anyone going there since. They might have done, but it's not a common tourist route.

* assuming no one has been doing some "stealth" camping  ;)