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Nelson Butt


Active member
For those that may be interested, I heard today that Nelson Butt (Thrupe Lane Swallet) died last friday.

I don't know funeral details.

Duncan Price

Active member
Friday 21st December at Pilton Church at 11am though best check with one of the ATLAS senior members who are likely to be going.

Rich West

New member
Sad news. The family were always extremely welcoming to cavers and were at their most helpful, supportive and concerned whenever there was a rescue in progress in their cave.


Only went down Thrupe a few times, but on a couple of those occasions I ended up having a cup of tea with them; they were always interested in the cave, and loved living where they did despite the threat of regular flooding to thier lovely house.
Once i was there with a work connection, on the farm next door, and did a few very small jobs on thier property; they couldn't remember me out of the hundreds of faces they have had knocking at thier door, but were still proudly showing me the photo's on thier wall of what lay below them.
Very sad to hear the news.