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New Caving Exhibition - The Netherworld of Mendip

Ali M

A new permanent exhibition, The Netherworld of Mendip has opened at the Wells & Mendip Museum.  Cavers have been involved throughout the project, funding was obtained by Martin Grass and the layout is the expertise of Mark Lumley. The exhibition is spread over three rooms and in the first, a series of illustrated panels Follow the Stream tells the story of the caves at Priddy and the 150 year quest to follow their streams to the resurgence at Wookey Hole. The second room explains the geology of the Mendip Hills and also contains exhibits illustrating the history of cave diving including the Bicycle Respirator which was used by Graham Balcombe in Swildon?s Hole in 1934. In the final room, something of the atmosphere of a Mendip Cave is recreated and includes panels describing the techniques used to find new caves and extend known ones.  Exhibits also cover the evolution of caving equipment and an interactive computer screen allows visitors to ?fly over? the Mendip Hills to check out the numerous cave entrances.

Admission prices for Wells & Mendip Museum: ?3.00 adult, ?1.00 child or student, ?6.00 family single entry ticket. Friends (annual ticket) ?7.50 adult and ?12.00 family
Open Mon - Sat 10am - 5pm.


Well-known member
You guys do a great job down there. I was impressed by the Swildon's survey on Priddy Green, but this takes outreach to a new level. Well done, all.


New member
Well worth a view, the photos linked to by Sid were all taken on the opening night by Mark 'Gonzo' Lumley who was very much responsible for the design of the exhibition.