New to Caving updated.


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The New to Caving contacts page has been updated!

Thank you once again to those who sent us photographs to use  (y)

A number of clubs have been added and now appear in a random order each time you click on the page, fairer on the YSS and others down the bottom of the alphabet  :)

We have tried to list clubs who are 'novice friendly', understanding that some clubs/groups are not suitable for beginners.

If you have asked for your club to be listed and it isn't, it's because a back link to hasn't been added, or we couldn't find it which sort of misses the point.

Many thanks to those clubs who have added a link and especially to those who have used a banner and placed the link to NTC prominently on the home page of their website  (y)  With your help NTC now appears higher up in searches for 'caving', please help get it even higher! Looking at the analytics, traffic is partly driven to NTC via club links - again, thank you  (y)

For those wishing to add a link or upgrade by adding a banner, here they are:




(many thanks to Gary Douthwaite for the last one  (y) )

The New to Caving website was designed to help inspire a new generation of cavers to our sport. 
It is run on a not for profit basis.

Please help support this initiative:

Direct those who show an interest in caving to

Add a link to your club (or other relevant) websites.

Upgrade your link by adding a banner and placing where new cavers can easily see it.

Put up a poster - we have plenty available - your local school, climbing wall, Scout Group, showcave etc etc.

Please share any posts you see on facebook.

We now have a 'Useful links' section on the contact page - do get in touch if you run a relevant website which we could back link to.

Thank you  ;)

(y) Huge thanks also to all those companies and Instructors who support New to Caving  (y)