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NSS Convention 2007

Joe Duxbury

In July 2007, the NSS Convention will be held in Marengo, Indiana. Look at their website, http://www.nss2007.com/

The caves in this area are varied, the caves in Missouri are close, and pre- or post-convention camps are planned in Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky.

I am planning to go to this convention, and would welcome some companions to show the colonials how to cave properly, and to spread the cost of the car hire. I have claim to a large tent over there, so accommodation is sorted.

Any takers?

Joe Duxbury


Hi, I have been to the NSS convention in California where I played with Bill Stones band The Terminal Siphons, I sang and had a fantastic time. American cavers are great fun and you are sure to have a great time. I would love to come but I am committed to a trip to France...if I have a change of plan I will let you know, I would really love to go again, my wife is an American and a caver so she would love to go as well  am sure...we would probably spend the whole time saying hello to friends. The other great American convention is OTR (old timers reunion) held in West Virginia, this is usually a very drunken event with some great caving. I have been twice, the first time I spent the whole weekend surveying and climbing in Hellhole and the second time getting drunk....email me and we can chat.


I am aiming to go (unless it clashes with some work, or unforseen event). Rather fortuitously I have recently moved to Indiana (I'm a Brit though), and I live a mere 70 miles from Marengo. When I get into the local caving scene here and get to know the area better, I may be able to pass on advice or help you guys in Britain with any queries.
  I look forward to meeting any UKCaving people there,


It seems work commitments will clash with conference so I won't be able to make it  :chair: I hope to do some of the pre/post conference activities.

I have done a couple of Indiana caves in the past week, and I would say they were like small versions of South Wales caves: at least the dry fossil parts of the Welsh caves. Two is small sample size for such a generalisation though!

Here is a website with some pics of Indiana caves: http://www.indianacaver.com/indianacaves.htm