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Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, South Wales


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Left Ringwood, Hampshire at 6:30am Saturday just gone, arrived at the SWCC at 10am bang on. Saw a message from Phil (who we randomly met 6 weeks ago, on a welsh caving recce.) "i'll be there at half 10. no rush." Cheeky beggar only lives half an hour away. So we got changed and wondered who the fourth person would be. Could it be the girl sitting in the car next to us? Yes it was. Pleased to meet you Emily. How long have you known Phil? 10 years and you're still alive! That bodes well.

We set off down the mountain toward the valley. Phil says it's better so after the cave you only have to walk downhill. After 10 minutes, we reach the entrance shaft. I'll let the video explain the rest....


Enjoy, we did.