Online Log Book: 2006

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Thurs. 18th. Jan. 2007 Slaughter Stream Cave / Wet Sink
Chris Castle, Mark C., Sissel B., Matt B. (Wallop).

A windy drive to the Forest, and a diversion as the old bridge was closed, but we had to go to get the key from Redbrook so we went up to Monmouth. Thanks to the RFDCC for the loan of a key without any fuss at all.
Once in the cave and down the fixed ladders we abseiled the next two pitches, taking care not to touch the boulder at the top of the 12m pitch, crawled to Cross Stream Junction and headed downstream. The Cascade was impressive. We took Dry Slade Passage to Coal Seam Passage, which is dry but has strong water-worn features, and also what appeared to be an evaporite of sandy appearance on the walls. Up through the choke at the end to The Chunnel, where we headed towards The Vittals Stop, but about half way along the Three Deserts Mark had trouble from an old injury so we headed back slowly. Once out of the crawls he wasn't so bad, and we left the easterly end of the Chunnel to the Gnome Garden and the Graveyard, with a quick diversion to see Zurree Aven. This had a big waterfall coming down, and Matt, for reasons unknown, tried to climb it and fell off, fortunately not hurting himself.
Following the steam down a series of wet climbs we were disturbed by a strong smell of sewage, and had to reluctantly crawl in the stream until we arrived back at Cross Stream Junction and the crawl to the ropes and ladders.
Sis told me she honked up that evening, whether from the pollution or not I don't know, but the rest of us were OK.

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Perhaps, Mr. Castle, you'd care to start an Online Log Book: 2007 header, rather than cram your new year trips into a previous year's listing?.... just a thought.  :coffee:
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