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Online Logbook 2010


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Uamh A' Bhreugadair (Cave of the Liar), Applecross, Scotland.

31st December 2010

A bit late ? but thought I should add it to the log book. I was up in the Highlands with friends for New Year and knew this cave was in the area, so I thought I?d check it out. It was quite a twisty drive along narrow roads and the village the cave was in was rather remote (for the UK). It took me a while to find a way around the deer fences in the area to get to the entrance.
I got kitted up and squeezed into the entrance where I quickly met a squeeze that seemed too tight to pass. I moved a few rocks around, but still had no joy. I backed out and thought that would be it for the trip. I decided to look further up the valley to see if I was actually in the right place - I wasn?t - about 3 meters away was the actual entrance!
  After the faff, I entered the cave and crawled along Jawbone Passage eventually reaching the Boulder Chamber.  I took what I thought was the way on, until I reached a squeeze that seemed somewhat tight. I checked the survey and realised I was going up Frustration Passage to a dead end. Found the correct way on which was mostly crawling with the occasional place I could stand up in. There were some good formations in Flowstone Pot and in an alcove near it.  I got to the Metal Puzzle Squeeze which was a little technical with a sharp 90 degree bend and squeeze. I gave it a couple of half hearted attempts, but decided not to risk getting stuck as I was by myself and as it was New Year?s Eve, rescue would take a while to arrive and I wouldn?t be too popular! I also wanted to see New Year?s in with my friends too! I headed out. I spent an hour and a half underground in this interesting cave in Jurassic limestone , which is best described as a collectors piece!

Andrew M


Jawbone Passage




Looking down Flowstone Pot

Alcove near Flowstone Pot


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What you don't want to do is go there on New Year's Day as everything (I mean everything i.e. the pub is closed leaving anybody waiting on the surface the chance to get seriously pissed off if you are late out :mad: