Our recent SRT rigging refresher workshops


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Underground rigging refreshers June-July 2023

On the 11th June and 2nd July, CNCC trainer Sam Litten ran our ‘rigging refresher’ workshops… underground!

These were a great opportunity for participants who were already familiar with the basics of rigging (perhaps from one of our previous indoor workshops) to put their skills into practice underground. It was also a great chance for anyone a little rusty on rigging to come back up to speed or gain confidence.

The venue was Yordas Cave, both workshops were fully booked, and all participants seemed to have a great time, with one commenting;

“This was a brilliant course. I now feel confident that I can rig caves in a way that is easy for people to use. Sam is excellent at passing on his extensive knowledge. He was somehow able to provide individual instruction to three people at once! This was my third CNCC course and all have been time well spent and great value for money.”

Steve Smyth 2.jpg

Some great photos (in addition to the one above by Steve Smyth) can be found on the link below:

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