Oxlow Cavern - Favourite Pink Sling Lost


After a cracking trip down Oxlow, fellow caver Jasonbirder was de-rigging and left my favourite pink 8ft sling at the top of the pitch that drops you into the West Antechamber. He thought it was an in-situ sling so left it there! The cheek! It is lark's footed to one of the P-bolts.

If anyone is down there could you be so kind as to retrieve it???

Many thanks.



You haven't been going into people's back gardens again have you Capn?
Ha! I've always been embarassed by that girly pink sling and have been looking for an excuse to lose it for some time...he let his guard slip saturday and left me at the bottom to de-rig...I quickly seized my opportunity to be rid of it! Now perhaps he'll get a manly blue one or something!