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I was driving past P8 the other day and noticed that the field above had been ploughed.
Has this ploughing continued down the slope and which was were the furrows pointing ?

The last time i saw this field ploughed they pointed downhill and loads of mud way washing down them and filling P8 with sediment.

Its just going to affect the diving that's all...


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Yes it's down the slope below.

Not ploughed all the way to the "P8 walk-in path", but pretty close.

Furrows up/down slope i.e. NW-SE?

When we were in for digging and doing the clean up last week the water was rising after rain, and was looking fairly brown and a touch frothy.



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Yer think it was moldboard ploughed. The rills and gullies will lead to soil erosion and silt in p8, however I'm not sure how much, as I'm not sure how much of that field drains in p8 versus p7.



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Its been smoothed off and hopefully will start to grow before it next rains a lot
very little water going down P8 at the moment and no evidence of massive silt ingress like this last time i know this happened