Paul Dold - RIP

Mark Wright

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I got some very sad news last night in an email from Robbie Shone.

'Hi Mark,

On Skype now with [names removed]. Sadly, Paul Dold has died whilst diving off the coast of Cornwall. No more details yet. His 12 yr old step-daughter, who he was diving with survived and was air lifted to hospital.'

Paul will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

I don't have any further details other than the news report below.



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I first met paul when i was doing my apprenticeship (he worked in the same factory) and after a little persuasion, got me into caving. He took me for my first couple of trips in the mendips, getting me to dive sump 1 in swildon's. We also went on trips to Ireland and Slovenia.
After Slovenia, I ended up going to university so our paths never crossed as much, but we always said hello at hidden earth every year.
Paul Dold, an inspiration for so many with his caving through scouts. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.


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Eddie Sharp Pencil was an ace cave pusher and explorer - a man with a positive, cheery and sometimes wacky outlook that inspired many a caver in Matienzo. RIP Paul.


So very sad. Did not know him well, but whenever we met he was friendly and fun. He always left me impressed by his attude to life. RIP Paul


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I read about this in the paper this morning. Terrible to find it is somebody I know. Sounds like a bizarre accident.


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My first posts on this forum were a few years ago when I was asking if I'd fit through the squeeze on the swindon's round trip.

Paul took me under his wing on the trip, found it most amusing when I stripped to my under suit and said I was like a cork as I pushed hard off of him. A super nice guy who I wish I had gotten to know better  :cautious:


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I only spent a short time knowing Paul, he helped me and some other student cavers out on the Matienzo Expedition a few years ago. He offered us advice on surface bashing, capping and everything else we were unsure about. Shame we didn't get to go caving with him, he came across as an incredibly positive man who couldn't do enough to help us.

Top bloke, gone too soon. RIP Paul


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Good write up in latest Descent:

Wicked Smile [Paul Dold Obituary] Descent (253) 20-21 3 photos. by Paul `Footleg` Fretwell, Chris Howes and Tony `Badger` Raomall.