Penwyllt - The Story of a South Wales Community


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This is an updated second edition in new format including colour photography , A4, Sb, 94 pages, Author Peter Burgess , cost ?14.00 available via the author and booksellers

The area is presently known for the extensive Cave System of OFD and the Caving Clubs that occupy the former Quarry mens Cottages at Powell Street (South Wales Caving Club) The Stump opposite occupied by the Wealdon Cave and Mine Society and Swindon Caving Club and home for the South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue. The South Wales club have purchased a lot of the land which helped create a nature reserve
The author delves into the past history of the area, the ownerships and developments of the Quarries, Limekilns, the Silica Brickworks, the Brecon Tramroads and the Brecon and Neath Railway. He uses original archive  black and white  photos of structures and people supported by modern colour photos of what remains today. This is interlaced with records of accidents events that took place. Throughout he has drawn plans of the network of tramways that fit around the buildings and quarries themselves. He has described the rocks and geology which is supported by a number of Colour Cave and surface photographs.
There are three illustrated field walks that can take you as a reader and visitor  through the history of Penwyllt. An excellent volume