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Pete Rose

The Old Ruminator

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Pete and I met when we were both at differant schools back around 1964. Later we met up with Peter Glanvill ( MRODoc ) . The two Peters went to university. I went to a sec modern. Pete Rose went to Portsmouth Polytechnic where there was a very active caving club. Pete kept in touch and I got sort of adopted by the club doing trips with them in all the English caving regions. Pete and I also joined Cerberus CC so we were active at Fairy Cave Quarry from the late 1960's. Pete got a bang licence back in the day when it was stick or plaster eight pounds at a time. I had made pipe b*mbs out of scaffolding nearly killing Pete when one went off prematurely. I got into diving for 25 years and took Pete on as a trainee. He was pretty hopeless always frantic about being carried away in the tide. Time went by as it does. Pete owned his own chemists shop in Crediton . After retirement he had a form of leukemia for a long while which finally meant him having to have two blood transfusions every week. Sadly he contracted a nasty form of cancer and died quietly in bed at home which is what he wanted. Two many memories to share properly