Petrol Capstan Winch training


A one-day training session in use of the CNCC petrol capstan winch.


This winch is available for all individuals/clubs to borrow for conservation works (e.g. hauling materials out of shafts/shakeholes, moving fallen trees, pulling boulders etc).

No previous experience is necessary, however prior training is required for the main user.

If you have a project that could use this equipment and would like to receive the necessary training, please contact the CNCC Chair ( and Secretary (

Details: Monday 25th February 2019, 9am, Colt Park, Chapel-le-Dale

If you feel you have a project that could benefit from this but cannot make a weekday training, please contact Andrew and hopefully a weekend session can be arranged in the future if there is sufficient interest.

Check the website event page for updates: