Photography Showcase 3 per week limit


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took a little trip down jingling with some collleagues the other day. A photo of Simon chilling at the entry to lateral cleft whilst Claire derigs in the background. Taken by me on my iPhone as I hang off the traverse over the pit. I’ve never held onto my phone so tightly

Ali M

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Some creative photo work by Nick.😁 Roger was rescued on 13th November 2012, delivered safely to the surface and declined to return underground for the diggers Christmas party. He/she thought that they might get eaten.

The Old Ruminator

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One not used in the digging thread. TG 6 on stick with flash fired. 12 sec timer . LED torch used to illuminate the backgound at The Hole In The Wall. Am I the only one using sticks? They are useful for odd angles and when numbers are limited. Also for probing onward in low spaces . The platform is 16m down a 25m vertical mineshaft built of scaffolding set on stainless steel pins and tied to the vertical fixed ladders. THITW follows the lode and a metre wide low space onward towards where we thing the lost caverns of 1795 are located. The caverns description also puts them on the lode . All camera gear is connected to cowstails so not to be dropped.