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    1st June 2-4pm at Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes.

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Photography Showcase 3 per week limit

The Old Ruminator

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What no more photos except mine ? This is " Mr Trundle's Staircase " in Quarter Way Up Cave, Fairy Cave Quarry . Now you may wonder how such names arise. In this case its a homage to our dig in Reservoir Hole which led to " The Frozen Deep ". ( Another name of mine ). Endless trundling of rocks back from the dig face. MTS led to " Mr Trundle's I Scream Parlour ". Which is another story all together.


The Old Ruminator

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Third one for this week. ( Where is everybody else ? ) .Trying to be creative for once. TG 6. Single LED torch. Camera set back behind me on a stick. ( you can just see it ). The stick is useful for getting angles not possible with hand hold. A difficult set up just perched on the platform trying to hold the torch and keep the stick still. As usual for these 12 second timer. It pays to do a lot as you cant see what the camera sees. Nice shot of the 200 year old beam. Mike at The Hole In The Wall on the 16m platform. More on the mineshafts post later.



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Always like to see shots on this post and was starting to feel sorry for the OR, so went on a photography trip yesterday down Illusion.
all taken on a google Pixel phone, with artistic support from Badlad.


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I reckon Monday is the start of the week so here are a few more.

The recent rain in Wales created a bit of an effect. Here is the river Alyn just below Hesp Alyn a week after the major floods! Ist shot upstream

Here is the same position downstream

Gas Pot near Minera looked full as well
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The Old Ruminator

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Second digging trip this week. Two more to go. I felt a bit out of it really as every one else was called Peter. Therefore the title for this is " A Profusion of Petes ".