Photography Showcase 3 per week limit


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Ian P

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Some pictures of a classic cave from a CNCC “New to SRT” workshop this weekend taken by one of the participants. The light coming down the shaft was amazing. It was really difficult to pick only 3 to keep within the “draconian” rules imposed by Chunky 😂😂

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Chunky's rules are to stop me splodging.

I like portraits. The last one is great. The cave is secondary. She is enjoying the experience and its a smile not posed. The line ties her to the image and makes her part of it. The karabiner suggests safety. She is secure and she feels that condfidence its seen in her smile. Mine from my collage is similiar in a way. The girl had never been in a cave or mine before. She looks relaxed. The chopped off legs break the rules but they are her security as he is lining her. Breaking the rules of composition to tell a story are part of the fun. I just grabbed the shot whilst he was coming down so its totally unposed. She had a great trip and treasured the photo memories of it.


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For a full face image I did this one. Its a cropped version from the collage as I liked the ladder framing. Her hands denote strength and look better without gloves . ( She forgot to bring them ). I grabbed the shot as her lamp was obscured by the ladder rung. I just love the expression as there is no fear there despite my rickety ladder and a 20m drop below. In a way she was a natural subject and not used to having photos taken. A good subject is the essence of a good image. They are are hard to find. My poor old mate Pete Rose always looked like a " knackered gnome ".

Sometimes you can forget the lighting and technical stuff. Its really the occassion that counts but you have to be ready.

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I think people forget actual portraiture in caving images though we have had one or two here of late. When folk have gone and you miss them then you wish that you had more photos to remember them by. Tony never minded his photo being taken and was a natural subject. This one is far from the usual image with angle and lighting but I really was happy with it.



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Never seen one of these underground before. Such a delicate structure, clever Mother Nature....
Spider's nest? How big was it? - I'm hoping only a centimetre or two, my initial impression was that it was football-sized 😲