Provisional Members' Weekend


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Provisionals' Weekend
July 5th-6th

People new to caving or just new to SWCC welcome. Why don't you come and find out what caving and South Wales Caving Club are all about?

All participants need to pay our provisional membership fee (?10.00). If they decide from that weekend that they want to cave regularly with SWCC then BCA 3rd party insurance would also be needed (?17), if they don't already have it from another club. Here is the provisional membership form:  Contact Claire for more details:

Caver Keith

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Thanks. This video wasn't planned. It was just what I could capture during the novice trip. Nevertheless I was very pleased with how the pitch shots turned out. I think this cave may get the full treatment later in the year. There were too many people (8) on this trip to be able to properly plan and light the scenes.


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Yup! nicely produced video, it does, however, show that having the knot in front could cause problems when ladder climbing, I always advised tucking the rope behind a shoulder, helps keep the climber closer to the ladder, and stops the knot snagging on the rungs, if a fall occurs,arms are usually "thrown about" so the climber is able to regain his position.

cap n chris

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Er, as it's a pretty significant pitch wouldn't it be far quicker, easier and less calorie-burning/more energy efficient to abseil it and just put the ladder on for the return ascent? I say potato, you say potarto.