Spring-Summer 2023 CNCC Workshops


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Spring-Summer 2023 Training Workshops​

We're pleased to announce our calendar of training workshops for spring and summer 2023.

As well as the old favourites including SRT, rigging and rescue training for beginner and intermediate levels, we have workships covering pull-throughs and various skills for those leading trips. Plus of course we have another session of our ever-popular geology tour which sells out every time.
  • 11th March: Two-day SRT workshop, beginner level
  • 18th March: One-day SRT refresher, intermediate level (underground)
  • 8th April: One-day SRT refresher, intermediate level (underground)
  • 22nd April: One-day SRT rigging, intermediate level (underground)
  • 23rd April: One-day skills for SRT trip leaders (underground)
  • 29th April: One-day SRT rigging, beginner level (indoors)
  • 6th May: One-day SRT rescue workshop, intermediate level (indoors)
  • 7th May: One-day SRT rescue workshop, advanced level (indoors)
  • 20th May: One-day underground geology tour with Dr John Helm
  • 20th May: Two-day SRT refresher, intermediate level
  • 3rd June: Two-day SRT workshop, beginner level
  • 10th June: Two-day SRT workshop, advanced level
  • 1st July: One-day SRT, intermediate level (underground)
  • 2nd July: One-day SRT rigging, intermediate level (underground)
  • 22nd July: One-day ladder and lifelines for trip leaders (underground)
  • 23rd July: One-day skills for horizontal cave trip leaders (underground)
  • 23rd July: One-day pull-through caving skills (underground)
  • 19th August: One-day skills for SRT caving trip leaders (underground)
Note: All two-day workshops include one day indoors and one day underground.

The beginner workshops also work well for those who are quite rusty or would like a refresher to help regain confidence following a period of absence from caving. There will often be the opportunity to customise the learning to those of differing existing abilities.

For more information and/or to sign up to any of the sessions:

Sadly, due to increased venue and trainer costs, we have had to increase the price of most workshops from £25/day to £30/day, which is still great value for a full day of professional tuition. This fee covers the bulk of the running costs, with CNCC subsidising the occasional shortfall and any losses for sessions that do not run at full capacity. We are exploring the use of alternative venues for future workshops to allow us to keep costs down.

If you would like an additional workshop session specifically for your club or group, please get in touch. Also, we welcome anyone interested in coming along to our indoor workshops to ‘shadow’ our trainers, to help you support your own club or group. Please contact training@cncc.org.uk if either of these options could be of interest to you, or if you have any further questions or suggestions for future workshop themes.

Finally... we are still looking for volunteer clubs/groups to run further 'new to caving' introduction days in collaboration with us. More details here:

Thanks everyone!