Pull-through rope lengths


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Using two ropes means that you just tuck one end through and tie them together, rather than hauling half a rope through the anchors
The same bunch of students pulled half a very long rope through the anchors for a very short pitch! Again, it was a question of not thinking the problem through.

Ian Ball

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haha :) classic

Back when I was agile, I would take 2 ropes cut as a half from a 50m for Slit Pot, so you must be very fine on two 30m ropes.


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I would think 2x25 for Slit pot is very squeaky, toes on ground etc. Depends how you measure your rope. From the ledge above 2x30 was too short when I tried it, had to add a bit. Hence 2x35.

I was always under the impression that you gave the heavy bags to people called Bialek. Or have things moved on?


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I've used a 55m and something else, about 25 or 30 from memory, leap frogging down to Slit Pot then tied the shorter rope onto the end of the 55 for Slit as the pull down, after passing the top end of the 55 through the anchors. Given the weight of 9mm it isn't hard to carry 80ish metre of rope between 4 of you.


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It's fascinating to see the diverse approaches cavers take when rigging pitches, and it opens up new avenues for exploration and problem-solving within the community.