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Ok, so it's a stupid question.
Whitelackington, learn to use Google and then you will find resources such as this which can answer your non-caving related questions.

In Grahams' post above he has linked a website to the word "this". How does one do that?

Have just previewed it and the word "this" doesn't appear any different, but in the original it appears light blue. This seems to be a handy feature, and I'd like to know how to use it.

Many apologies for my complete computery incompetence.


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It's the same as the 'Insert hyperlink' option, (don't forget to include the square brackets here, I've replaced with * to stop the forum parsing the code): *url*address */url*, with a slight difference:

You type *url=*THIS*/url*

With a real link: The Eldon website

Easy when you know how....


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Ok, it's a quite straightforward piece of coding. In the following example I have put a space after the first square bracket and before the last one so that it won't automatically format and will be seen:

If you write [ url=]click here[/url ]

then the coding will be hidden, the words "click here" will be highlighted in blue and if anyone clicks on them in the post they will be taken to the website indicated.

BTW, Bubba, can you change the colour from blue? It's sometimes difficult to see against the default colour scheme.


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When replying to a message click on insert hyperlink, (the globe icon) you get [ url] [ /url] (or you can type it out manually) - then you paste the link and insert whatever wording like so:
[ url=]Best caving forum around[ /url]

Removing the spaces before url gives you:
Best caving forum around


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Thank you, chaps. I'll give it a whirl when the opportunity presents itself.  :bow: