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Rare Casting Call for Documentary!


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Hello everyone,

I am looking for people within the caving community to discuss some subjects on camera to make my current documentary series I am producing a little more interesting. You will have the chance to discuss your ideas and factual knowledge on the subjects below.

I am doing this as a non-profit documentary, but the end product will be on youtube for everyone to watch. Previously, I have done projects for TV, such as 'Deep Down Under', where I explore and document the Caves of the Peak District for non-cavers. You can watch these on my Youtube if you would like. (under: 'Elise Freshwater-Blizzard') If we had an interview I would be taking current government guidelines seriously, and would not mind recording the interview via Skype/any other online chat software. [In fact, this may be better for me since travelling is do-able, but difficult!]

If you know about any of these subjects and feel passionate about them, (and feel you could talk about them for 5+ minutes!) please message me on UK caving! or by using my professional email here:


Thank you, Elise x

-Peak Cavern


-Lud's Church

-Abor low

-Blue John Stone

-Haddon Hall

-Chatsworth House


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In case it helps, there is in existence a book: "Derbyshire Blue John" originally authored by Trevor Ford. The Third Edition was produced last year (2019) and was edited by Tony Waltham and Noel Worley on behalf of the East Midlands Geological Society. If you make contact with the latter, they may be able to supply someone to speak for you.

Alternatively, Treak Cliff Cavern (show cave) at Castleton does a great deal of production of jewellery etc made from Blue John. If you ring them they can probably advise (as they had involvement in the production of the above book).