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Changes to UK Caving


Staff member
The Forum's having a face lift!

After several months of testing and faffing we've finally come to a conclusion and ready for the change.

To facilitate this change and to allow for setup,


The estemated down-time is 2 days, however this does depend on if there are any glitches!
We'll update the UK Caving Facebook page with any news.​

So, what's changing?
We're moving away from the current software known as Simple Machines and instead going to the commercial XenForo. Despite trying to work with an updated version of Simple Machines we've decided that it's really not fit for purpose and offers very poor mobile / tablet support. XenForo will provide the forum with a fresh new look and lots of extra features as well as fixing many of the known problems such as reliably uploading images. The forum is also moving to a new server with more resources and flexibility for the future.

But, but, I don't like change!
We know not everyone will like the change, but it has to happen. The current system is simply unviable to continue with and we need to make sure we're secure, reliable and up to date. We're asking everyone to be patent through the process of changing over as there will be bugs and it will take a bit of getting used to. All current data will be transferred over with a few (hopefully non-critical) exceptions and all your login details should remain the same. We're confident that once you get used to it, you'll see the benefit.

I can't wait, can I see a preview?
The mods have already seen the new forum for comment but it's not available to see for everyone just yet. However you can have a look at the XenForo website - https://xenforo.com - where you can read the documentation. If you go to the Community page - https://xenforo.com/community - this gives a feel for what the new UKC forum will look like. You will see that broadly it's quite similar in it's layout but it works better and with more features!


Well-known member
Hm - this sounds like a substantial amount of work for you, on our behalf.

So . . . THANKS!  (y) :clap:


Well-known member
Slightly confusing for you to refer to UKCaving as "UKC" as that might be confused with ermm..?? well...?  UKC (https://www.ukclimbing.com/forums/) which if you look closely some of your cavers are active on there. THANKS!!!! looking forward to new site with interest!

cap n chris

Well-known member
You can please some of the people all of the time.
You can please all of the people some of the time.
But cavers can never be pleased. Ever.
Good luck

Ian Ball

Well-known member
Will I have to re-register?


"All current data will be transferred over with a few (hopefully non-critical) exceptions and all your login details should remain the same."


Well-known member
Are you sure we don't have this Q? "i'm afraid we'll have to retire your old gun, but I can give you these instead"



Active member
Does somebody need to notify Guardian comments and various letters to the editor websites that they are going to be a little busy for a few days, absorbing the thoughts and opinions of the UKCaving keyboard warriors?


Well-known member
Very excited hopefully be able to post photos after this about mines mines and more mines  :eek:  :mad:



when i see stuff like this, it's scary, Mine-Explorer went down and i think it's been over 5 years now, I miss Mine-explorer i wonder when it will come back  :cry:


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Well-known member
lumenchild said:
when i see stuff like this, it's scary, Mine-Explorer went down and i think it's been over 5 years now, I miss Mine-explorer i wonder when it will come back  :cry:

I think Miles has had far, far more pressing things to deal with in recent years than resurrecting MineEx, much as it would be good to have it back, plus I doubt whether he's had much chance to update his web dev skills and knowledge in the interim.


Staff member
An admin note from me..

We have been looking at change for several years.  We know problems have been accumulating and have looked at a number of options for change.  None of these were perfect for one reason or another and we've let it go on.  We are very aware of what has happened to other sites and have been determined to safeguard the content and place of ukcaving in the community.

One of the advantages of the support we receive from Spanset, Inglesport, Starless River and Warmbac is that we can afford to pay for professional help to keep the site safe, updated and fit for the future.  Along with admins, the moderators give valuable volunteer time to keep the site running and I know the community appreciate that help.

We asked Q to pay particular attention to the following;

1. Keep all the years of content whilst retaining as many of the useful features as possible - and to stay recognisable as Ukcaving of course.
2. Make it mobile and tablet friendly.  Google constantly remind us that it isn't.
3. Make uploading photos and video a much simpler process.

Here's hoping it all works - and we'll see you on the other side after April 4th


Staff member
Apologies I've been quiet on UKC for a while - I've had covid and it was horrid  :cautious: - then I went on holiday and it was excellent  ;) Am back now... :D

Bubba, founder of UKC, first registered in January 2003  (y) Coming up for 20 years is a looooong time in IT, we've known UKC has needed updating for ages and are thankful Q has advised us and led the update project - because Tim and I sure as heck couldn't do this..... :eek:

Thank you Q for the hard work and thanks also to the Moderation Team who keep us all on the straight and narrow  (y)

I echo Badlad's comments above re Inglesport, SpanSet, Starless River and Warmbac, their support is always much appreciated, please support them in return.

What can you do to help??  Please be patient with the changes and embrace them (go on, you know you can!).  Once everything is settled and the forum is even better than before (need a fingers crossed emoji), encourage your caving mates who are currently not using the forum to come and take a look, because without cavers engaging, posting, liking etc - there is no forum, thank you!

Yes, see you on the other side  ;)

Ian P

Staff member
Can I be the first to say that the improvements are fantastic and thankyou for all the hard work behind the scenes  (y)
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Will the address in my "favourites" list still work, after the changeover? (Just checking, whilst I still can on the existing system!)